Rewear, Refash, Relove

I am a HUGE FAN of thrifted fashion. There are so many benefits to finding items at thrift and consignment shops.

  1. It’s already been washed! No need to worry about whether or not the item is going to shrink on you, or how it’s going to look after a few washes. This item has been there and done that! How it looks on you when you initially try it on is how it is going to look on you.
  2. It’s unique! Now granted, I also like stores like Clothes Mentor and Plato’s for consignment shopping which don’t always have the most unique items but a lot of times when finding something at a local consignment shop, it is an item that not many other people are going to have. This gives you the opportunity to create your own unique style based off of pieces you truly love.
  3. It has potential! An item might not be exactly what you want it to be right away, but when you’re only spending a couple bucks on it, you can afford to take your sewing machine to it and turn it into something truly fabulous.
  4. It’s environmentally friendly! I’m a big fan of rescuing things, and that includes the planet. Buying clothes second hand really helps keep things out of landfills and it puts your support back locally and not into stores that have environmentally unsafe production practices or unethical employment policies.
  5. It’s inexpensive! As a single gal living alone with 3 mouths to feed (mine plus doggy plus kitty), living can get a little expensive. I don’t want my funds tied up in my wardrobe but I still want to look fabulous when I can. Also, living with said animals can cause clothes to get ruined sometimes (muddy pawprints and other mystery stains don’t always come out in the wash quite how you might like them to) and I don’t want to be mad at them because they ruined something I spent a small fortune on.

All of that being said, every once in a while I find myself in an outfit that is almost entirely thrifted and that makes me very happy since I am striving to have all of my outfits be that way.

Here is an example of an (almost) entirely thrifted outfit I wore this past weekend to my nephew’s birthday party (can’t believe he is 6!)

thrifty outfit

The green jeans are my FAVORITE FIND to date in thrifted fashion, found at a little consignment shop in Peoria, IL called Moxie’s on Saturday. And they were free for me because I had credit on my account from clothes I had dropped off for her on consignment. The fabulous bracelet I’m wearing was also free due to my credit, the lace top and moccasins I got at Clothes Mentor for under $10. I say almost entirely thrifted because the tank top I’m wearing under the lace top was a clearance rack find at Gordman’s for $3 and my necklace is from my days of selling Lia Sophia jewelry back in 2009.

I find that when I really look through what I already have and just add items from thrift stores that truly make me happy that I look my most fashionable and get my most compliments. If I gotta wear clothes (and society norms say I gotta…), I want them to truly show off who I am!

Happy Thrifting!

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