Thrifty Thursday: A Tale of Two Tables, Two Chairs, and Two Busy Days

Welcome to another edition of Thrifty Thursday! This past weekend was a jam-packed one for me, but very successful. Let me detail it for you in pictures (what good blogger doesn’t chronicle their life in pictures?)


First, I got up at the crack of dawn and ran a 4 mile race with my brother. We both won our age groups. 🙂 Not without bloodshed, however, as my thighs chafed horribly. #runnergirlproblems

I walked the whole rest of the day like there was something shoved up my…well, you get the picture.

jamboree run jamboree run2

I quickly returned home after the race and showered because there was more business to be done! My neighborhood was having it’s garage sales so I was really excited about the opportunity to do some business close to home, and also curious about what kinds of things my neighbors had. I didn’t even make it one street away before I had to run home with my first haul.

solid wood end table wood end table

Two beautiful and solid wood tables! The first one you might recognize from yesterday’s post as it has made it’s way into the 4 Sisters Peoria booth. I don’t have definite plans for the second one yet, I just know that for $5 I love it!

A few more streets away MORE good luck.

garage sale chairs
wooden stool
mason jars 2

Two chairs in perfect condition for $5 each (I’ve found the exact same cane bottom chair marked at $22-$25 in booths), a little wooden steppy stool and some mason jars, complete with lids. The mason jars weren’t marked when I went up to this garage sale so I asked the older gentleman who was sitting in his garage what he was asking for them. He said he was asking $5 each but that they had been sitting there for 3 days so he would give me all 3 for $10. Done deal. Haven’t done my research on these yet, but I know the ones with the lids like this are old. I got a good deal here.

After garage sale-ing I had to run by work where there was a youth event. We had a petting zoo and I got to pet a goat named Pickles. Then I went to pick up my mom and we took a trip to the Square in Washington to hit a couple of their shops. I found some really unique items, mostly just for me including this really cool R cut from a book that happens to coordinate perfectly with the decoupage frame I just made for the cross-stitch pattern I completed out of Country Living magazine.

Cross-stitch display

After I got home from Washington I napped for a few hours and then joined my sisters for a “tagging party” for our booth.

Sunday was another busy day as I got up early to work a shelter event for SAMS Rescue. While I was sitting eating my breakfast and drinking my tea, storms rolled in scaring my poor baby Mordecai, who refused to leave my lap.


They finally subsided and I went to the adoption event where I spent some time with a corgi mix named Ginger Ale (still up for adoption at SAMS Stray Animal Midway Shelter!)

ginger ale

After the event I went to a flea market with Sister 3. We didn’t have much luck but I did find this very apropo sign for my house for $1.


My sister and I then got stuck in the second round of storms and were asked by management to sit in the Gordman’s break room while the worst of it blew over. Oh the adventures we have! I got home before round 3 of storms hit the area.

So there you have it. A thrifty and busy weekend. I’m so excited for some of my furniture finds and can’t wait to incorporate them into my own décor – or the 4 Sisters Peoria booth!

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