Thrifty Thursday – A Morning on Moss Avenue

The Moss Avenue Sales in Peoria, IL are an annual event that includes booth after booth of primitives, antiques, crafts, etc. while also providing food and live entertainment. I love to go every year and this year I spent the morning with my sisters looking for some things for myself as well as looking for potential items to use for 4 Sisters Peoria.

The item I am most excited about is this milk can end table. I scored this for $25! Most milk cans in this kind of shape go for $50 easily and the fact that it was already made into a cute primitive little table made it that much better! I can picture this in so many potential places in my house or out on my patio.

milk can table

I also found this funny little sign for my yard. I can already picture Rusty peeing on it, thinking that it was a real fire hydrant. 🙂

dog with fire hydrant

I got several other items at the sales as well:

moss avenue collage

The tins are a newer thing for me. I have decided that I want to collect as many as I can to store my craft supplies in. The problem is finding older tins that aren’t super expensive. The flower tin I got for $5 (which is pretty much my limit unless I somehow fall completely in love with a specific tin…like some of the old peanut butter tins that I see. I love me some peanut butter and would love to add one of those to my collection) and the needlework pattern tin I got for $1. Both are in the color scheme that I want. When I hit up the 3rd Sunday Market this weekend, I will be on the lookout for some more coordinating tins in various shapes to go with my budding collection.

I also picked up some raw materials for specific crafts – the drawer front piece of wood was for a craft I will be completing for myself soon but the hearts I got to put away for the Valentine’s edition of 4 Sisters Peoria. ❤

I also got a couple more books in the junior reader series – The Wizard of Oz and The Heart of a Dog. There was no way I wasn’t purchasing the dog book and I had gotten a couple of other titles from this collection at the 3rd Sunday Market in May so I’ve got a nice little collection of these going as well. What strikes me about these is their beautifully illustrated covers. I haven’t decided quite what I am doing with them yet…just collecting for now. Nothing wrong with getting things for me!

Happy Thrifting!

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