Reunited and It Feels So Good

My mom and dad got married almost 45 years ago. When they were first married they got the Verde Solid Color Nesting bowls from Pyrex (400 series) which are very distinctive in color since the 4 bowls are all different shades of yellow and green. The largest bowl is 4 quart and is a dark avocado. The next size down is the 2 ½ quart and is medium avocado, the 1 ¼ quart is a light avocado and the smallest 1 ½ pint bowl is a shade of yellow-green.

Mom and Dad got a lot of use out of the 2 ½ quart bowl because it was the perfect size for a bowl of popcorn and my family loves popcorn. One night, 43 years ago, the bowl slipped and fell to the ground and broke into a couple of pieces (Pyrex doesn’t shatter). Mom and Dad were disappointed but kept the other bowls since they were so often used.

This past weekend, mom, Sister 2 and I went to a flea market being held at the antique mall I went to last weekend in Hanna City. While there we also went through the antique mall and, in one of the booths that had a lot of the vintage Pyrex, there it was! The 2 ½ quart medium avocado bowl! And for only $4! My mom was so happy after 43 years to be able to put her set back together.

The family all back together!

Every once in a while when visiting thrift stores and flea markets, something almost magical happens. My mom had all but given up hope of finding the one piece to make her set complete again. With flea markets and antique shops I am finding that it has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time and sometimes when things are meant to be, they truly will be. I was so happy for my mom and her incredible find for this weekend.

Whenever there are things out there that you have your heart set on finding, never give up! If you look hard enough, you will find it.

Happy Thrifting!

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