Thrifty Thursday: Wheeling & Dealing

So, I already shared with all of you my mom’s treasured find from this past weekend but I know you’re all wondering “Rebecca, what did YOU find at the South Eden Village Flea Market?” Well, let me tell you!

This flea market was small but it was a gold mine. Right off the bat my mom, sister 2 and I found some great frames at the first booth we stopped at. And the first words out of the mouth of the people running the booth was “we will make you deals!” Music to my ears! At that booth I also found a birdcage and a bird field guide (remember, I’m crazy for birds!), as well as a plant stand. My sister found a couple other things as well so we went up to deal together. It all would have come to $29 but they gave it all to us for $20.
The next booth I found an old cake tin that just needed to be cleaned up a bit for $2 and then I spotted some furniture that I really liked but we decided to walk around the rest of the mall before I bought any furniture. With some things I feel like if they are meant to be they will still be there after I have looked at everything else.

In the mall I found a couple of wooden trays to paint and fix up, some more doilies, a silverware organizer and some more wooden letter blocks (I have been collecting these lately). When I went back outside the nightstand, sitting chair and 2 wooden folding chairs I had been eyeing were all still there. I went up to the lady running the booth and asked if she was wanting to make some deals. She laughed and said absolutely and followed me to see what I was looking at. The 4 pieces of furniture would have come to $50 if I had bought them as marked. She offered them to me for $45 but I was feeling a little feisty so I threw $40 out there as my offer. She contemplated for a minute and then agreed. Another great deal!

And once again I packed the back of my sister’s SUV (this time I didn’t have to sit with anything in my lap though!)

I think my shirt is what gets me all the good deals!

Another successful morning thrifting with good company. I can already envision these items in my brand new house!

Happy Thrifting!

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