Behind the Curtains

Finally! I have been waiting for the moment when I would get to share with you all my projects in my new house. Of course, in order to do that, first I have to COMPLETE the projects. I am forever doomed to have a million more ideas in my head than I could ever possibly complete with my hands. However, in an attempt to make at least part of my house a little homier, I did push for my bedroom project to be completed.

bedroom before

The master bedroom in my house is not very big, but I like cozy so the size wasn’t really the issue. I love looking at rooms and doing what I can to maximize the space and style. This room did however, pose a bit of a challenge due to an off center window on the wall where I wanted my bed.

Here was my solution:

bedroom after bedroom after 2

I painted the room “Requisite Gray” which I find to be a soothing and more modern neutral. I created this wall of curtains to highlight the bed wall and disguise that off center window by rescuing things from several different places.

Here’s how I did it:

CURTAIN RODS: I found the curtain rods left in the house when I took possession and moved them from the room they were in to the bedroom since they went with the colors that I was using. Similar heavy duty curtain rods such as this retail for around $50.00. The smaller rod is a basic one that retails for around $3.50.

CURTAINS: The chocolate brown curtains on the outside of the curtain wall were the same ones I used in my bedroom in my duplex so I was very excited that I got to keep reusing those. (They were a Target clearance-rack find for $11 when I was looking for curtains while decorating my duplex but since they are reused, for the purpose of pricing out this project they were FREE.) The print fabric was bought from a discount fabric store online – 5.5 yards for $9.48 a yard ($52.14 total). These types of stores give you a great deal on fabric because a lot of it is remnants or end of bolt/discontinued fabrics. This color and pattern were perfect for me as it was a more gray toned beige and really complemented my wall color. I took a bit of a chance on this ordering online since you can never truly know what the color will look like when you only see it online, but the second I saw this fabric (after persuing several hundred pages of fabric) I knew it was the one. I can’t fight those feelings. The off-white sheer panels that make up the underneath part of my fabric wall I got on an online garage sale site for $8. They are the Target threshold brand and retail currently for $16.99 EACH.

target curtains

Store price for all of this new: $187.46

My price by recycling and reusing: $60.14

I absolutely love how it turned out and knowing that I saved $127.32 by doing what I love – rescuing – makes it even better. To finish out my bedroom display I added the nightstand from the South Eden Flea Market (Thrifty Thursday: Wheeling and Dealing) and on top of it grouped together my pitcher that I got at 3rd Sunday (Thrifty Thursday: Let’s Go SLEDDING!), a doily that I also got at 3rd Sunday, a Gone With the Wind lamp that was not only mine as a child, but also my aunt’s which makes it that much more special for me, and a bird decoration that I had used in my kitchen at my duplex that I got at Hobby Lobby on clearance. It makes a very sweet arrangement.

nightstand arrangement

Since the room is so small, it doesn’t really warrant having another nightstand in it but I did come across this 1950s lamp at Lucy Davis Thrift one night after restocking my booth and its style and color fit into the bedroom perfectly.

So, there you have it. Part of my bedroom is transformed. I still have to add some wall art and finish the window treatment on the other window but I am so happy with how this has turned out so far.

bedroom before bedroom after

Happy Thrifting!


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