Thrifty Thursday: Back in the Game

I haven’t gotten to do any thrifting the past couple of weeks due to my big move into my new house so I was so excited to jump in the car with Sister 3 and head to some city-wide garage sales in a town about a half hour away as well as check out some of their local antique shops.

The first place we went to I found the perfect little rolling cabinet to serve as my new TV stand. Mine from my duplex didn’t fit the space and I needed something much smaller that would still hold my DVD player.

TV Stand

I plan to wall mount my flat screen TV so this cabinet fits my purposes perfectly and the deep drawer for storage is an added bonus. Since I live in a small house (around 950 square feet) I am always looking for furniture items that do double-duty. This cabinet was marked at $48 but I took it home for $30!

We went on to another thrift store that was having half off sales. I found two really great wooden frames and some Gone With the Wind Madame Alexander paper dolls. As a young girl I was obsessed with both Gone With the Wind and paper dolls and I just so happen to have this particular Madame Alexander doll in my collection. I ended up getting all 3 items for just $2 despite them originally being marked at $5 for the paper dolls and $1.50 each for the wood frames. Great deals! And I’ve already started designing a cross-stich picture for the inside of that adorable moonshine jug frame.

wood frame paper doll moonshine jug frame

My other great find of the day was this ½ Gallon Mason Jar lamp. It was only marked at $5 and it already had the adapter and everything. Adapters alone can cost up to $20 for the kit on Amazon so I was really excited to find this. Obviously the inside of it needs a little sprucing up, but a lamp this size for $5 was a steal!

mason jar lamp

But, my favorite find of the day was this:

pork chop sandwich

A grilled pork chop sandwich, chips and a drink for only $4 at a Church “Hog Roast”. This really hit the spot for both my sister and I. I am a sucker for a good grilled pork chop with some BBQ sauce on it! MMMMMMMMMMM.

Happy Thrifting!

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