Thrifty Thursday: Better Late Than Never

I know, I know. I’m doing Thrifty Thursday on a Friday again. I wish I had a good excuse – I’ve just really been moving on getting stuff done in my house this week and couldn’t tear myself away to even write a quick post. But I did do some thrifting this past weekend so let me tell you about it!

Sister 2, Sister 3 and I revisited the South Eden Flea Market. As you remember from my post Thrifty Thursday: Wheeling and Dealing, I was very successful at this one the last time. This time was no different. I scored some REALLY AWESOME THINGS. Okay, at least I think they are really awesome. I think you have noticed by now that I collect Mason Jars. I didn’t set out to do this, I just started picking them up and at first had every intention of putting them in the 4 Sisters booth but now I can’t bring myself to part with any of them. I found 4 jars in the first booth at South Eden – each was marked at $3-$5 each depending on if they had a lid or not but I got all 4 for $10. Only when I got home did I realize what an incredible deal it was – one of the jars is from 1896-1910! I love having something that old in my possession and it makes my collection that much more diverse.

In addition to the jars, I also got a fun dog painting that just screamed at me that it wanted to be in my house, some wooden Halloween signs that I’m going to repaint for the booth but since they were already wire mounted, getting them for $1 each is definitely going to equal profit for me! I also got some primitive stars for $2, a wooden box for $1, a set of 4 wooden animals for $2, and a dark green doily for $1. And for once, the majority of what I got is for the booth other than the mason jars and the painting! 

I did some major clean up this past weekend and really got some clarity on which flea market and garage sale items were for me to use and which were going in the booth. Due to that I was able to do a large booth restock with Sister 2 on Monday resulting in this magnificence:

I’m really excited with how full and happy it looks. Although, when I go back on Monday to check it I am hoping that it’s empty…

Happy Thrifting!

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