Revisiting the Potato Sack – Fall Picture Craft How-To

So this past weekend the crafting bug bit me again. Bit me hard. I’ve been so obsessed with cleaning and unpacking but that gets really OLD so I gave myself a break this weekend to start catching up on some fall inventory for my booth since I want to get that out there before the end of the month. You all remember my potato-sack canvas how-to from Beyond The Potato Sack Race – Canvas Craft How-To. Well, I promised in that post that that I would not waste one scrap of that potato sack I used for those cute canvas decorations so I am very excited to show you how I used part of that in this weekend’s craft.

First, I gathered all of my materials.  

I got this frame for $0.99 at Goodwill, I cut out a small portion of the back of that potato sack, I bought a bag of leaf table decorations for $1 at Dollar Tree and I picked out a very fall like color from my stash of Americana acrylic paints. I LOVE these paints. I pick up colors for specific projects a lot, but I forget what project I got this for…it’s a really nice deep red though and I thought it would make the perfect frame color for my leaf picture.

So first I lightly sanded down the frame to make sure that it would take the paint. I don’t go too crazy with the sanding – I just rough it up and then I painted it. A lot of times I’m going for a very rustic look so I don’t do multiple coats but I wanted to make sure I had full coverage so I did two coats of paint on this frame.

Next I laid the piece of glass down over my scrap of potato sack and cut around it, leaving a little bit around each edge. I can always trim the excess later, but if I cut it too short then I’ve potentially wasted part of my potato sack.

 I ironed the potato sack so that it didn’t have any wrinkles and then I set out the leaves to find the perfect arrangement. Once I had it I took a picture so that I could remember how it went down.


I glued the leaves down using clear tacky glue (this is heavy duty glue and really works well for a variety of projects. However, a glue gun would also do the trick).

I waited (impatiently) for the frame to dry and then VOILA!

I love how this turned out. I think that I should be able to sell it in my booth and it will look cute in any fall display. All for a cost of $2!

I still have a few leaves left and lots of that potato sack so I’m working on another leaf print idea to frame. Part of sustainable crafting includes doing your best to use up all of the materials that you have! I love getting my creative juices flowing when looking at the materials in front of me and coming up with a great way to use them.

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