Boo! Halloween Décor DIY

You might recall that at South Eden Village Flea Market (Thrifty Thursday: Better Late Than Never) I purchased 3 wooden Halloween signs that were already mounted with wire for $1 each. They were marked down in a bin underneath a table but they caught my eye. The signs themselves were not the best looking but I saw the potential in the piece of wood and the fact that I wouldn’t have to put hanging hardware on myself. I decided to tackle my first project using these this week and I’m so incredibly excited about how it turned out!

Here’s what I started with:

Not the most professional looking décor though I’m sure this wood sign served its purpose and that the person who made it had a good time. I knew what I wanted to turn it into so first I painted the front of it an off white color called bleached sand (using my favorite Americana craft paint). I seldom use bright white for projects since I prefer a more aged look. True white is a little too perfect for me. After I painted over the design with the white (I didn’t bother to sand the wood because I wanted it to stay rough; 2 coats of white paint covered the previous design completely) I used painters tape to tape off sections so that I could make the sign an orange and white chevron.


I eyeballed the chevron pattern with the tape and adjusted/readjusted until it looked the way I wanted it to with the tape. I could also have precisely measured out sections to ensure that it was perfectly even. For all intents and purposes, this was even enough. I seldom try to aim for perfect because then I get disappointed! The fun with rustic modern is that there is beauty in the imperfections!

I fittingly used “Jack O Lantern Orange” to fill in the lines between the tape and needed two coats of that to get good coverage as well. I let it dry and then ripped the tape off and was loving the chevron pattern! I was almost nervous to continue the craft because I didn’t want to mess up the nice background I had achieved.

Next I wanted to add in lettering. I free hand almost all of my lettering but if you are not comfortable doing that then I suggest a stencil or printing off a particular font from the computer and tracing around that. I lightly drew out my lettering and spider with a pencil and then traced over it with a sharpie to get a nice even outline. I then filled in sections with black paint using one of my awesome paint brushes with the grip (these are actually meant for children but they are so great to use for precision painting and I have little hands anyway).

Here it is!

I am so in love with how this sign turned out! I’ve been practicing really hard to get my items to come out looking clean and professional and I feel like I truly accomplished that with this piece. It goes to show that by taking my time and not rushing anything (I let the background set for 2 days before adding any lettering) I am able to produce quality products that I would be proud to display in my home. …But this one is going in the booth.  


So there you have it. Flea Market castoff to fun Halloween treasure! I have a couple more cute Halloween and Fall projects in the works so stay tuned for some more ideas and how-tos!

To hold you over – here’s the before and after for the two other signs I painted this week!


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