National Thrift Store Day

So yesterday, August 17, was National Thrift Store Day! I celebrated by continuing my thrift store quests and hitting yet another thrift store in my area – the Salvation Army Store. Once again, great luck and some items with really great potential! I have so much to show everybody still from last week that I almost don’t know where to begin! I think I will start where I left off which is with Goodwill.

Last week after hitting up the two Mission Marts, I decided the next day that I would go to the 3 Goodwills that are in close proximity. I don’t always have as good of luck at Goodwill because their prices are a little higher than some other thrift stores, but every once in a while I luck out and find some great quality items. Last week was one of those times. I didn’t get the bang for my buck that I did at Mission Mart but what I got was great for the booth!

In the center you will notice two iron trivets similar to the one that I got at the Expo Gardens Flea Market with my mom (Thrifty Thursday: A Day Late But Never A Dollar Short). I got these for $1.99 each and marked them in the booth for $4 each since they are both reproductions of antiques. The gentleman that I bought mine from at the flea market taught me that the way you tell the difference is to run your fingers over it. If it’s rough, it’s a reproduction but if it’s smooth then it is a genuine antique. Since they are reproductions they aren’t worth much but they still look great in a display and add a different texture. I can’t wait to finish my kitchen so I can display mine! I love mixing different kinds of items and having an iron trivet helps to up the unique factor.
I also got various baskets and crates at Goodwill. The regular basket I am going to flip as is with Christmas items since it has a rusty tin star on it and some red homespun. The chicken wire wine holder I haven’t decided on yet. I might flip it as is or I might try to do something else with it. The tin bucket I gave to Sister 2 to work her magic on since she has already sold a similar painted tin and the two wood crates I’m going to revamp and paint.

The Cracker Jack tin was my second favorite find (you’ll find out my favorite shortly…) I love that each side has all of the iconic Cracker Jack characters and the colors are the same as the tins that I am collecting for my craft room. And it’s also much bigger than the other ones that I have found making it a valuable storage piece for me! The strawberry tin will look great in a booth display.

Two small canning jars will be great for crafts and the cutting board just needs the current design sanded off and then I can put in a new design of my own.

My FAVORITE find for today was the Ball mason jar lamp. I know, I know, you’re all like “Seriously Rebecca, again with the mason jars??” But let me explain. This lamp looks kind of gross with the potpourri filled mason jar but from looking at the logo I discovered that it’s from 1896-1910 AND it’s a half gallon jar which is really hard to find. On eBay they ranged from $40 – $75. I got it for $8.99 which is usually more than I would spend but I knew what I had found! Once I empty it out it and wash it up, it will make an incredible addition to my collection!

Did anybody else celebrate National Thrift Day? I want to hear about it!

Happy Thrifting!

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