Thrifty Thursday # 17: Thrifting On A Whim

It’s hard to believe that I STILL haven’t shown you guys all of my loot from August! One of these days I will get all caught up, I swear!

Monday August 17th I had to go to Menards and return a few things (bathroom floor mostly since, as you found out in my previous post: Behold My Glorious Throne-Room, my bathroom has ceramic tile and could not be redone…) and the Salvation Army Family Store is right near the Menards that I go to so I decided to pop in. This time I actually grabbed a cart since I’ve been having such fabulous luck lately. And boy did I fill that cart! (Huge apology to the guy behind me in line who had one DVD to purchase –I was already getting rung up or I would have let you go ahead of me). 


I’m pretty sure that there are some things missing from this picture as well since I dilly-dallied on getting the pictures taken. I should really know by now that if I don’t take pictures as soon as I get home I will inevitably start pulling things out and start using them. Case in point, the copper pot that I’m using as a planter in my bathroom. (I named that plant Chester Copperpot…Goonies, anybody?)

Some of the items I purchased weren’t marked and so they were given to me for either $0.69 or $0.99 cents. All great deals, especially since I was buying such a large quantity. All total I spent $33.63.

This store was especially fruitful for paintable wooden things. I found a little wreath to redo for Christmas and some cutting boards and plaques. I also got a lot of frames and a couple of baskets which have already made their way into my booth at Lucy Davis Thrift.

The football basket was my favorite and to finish it off for the booth I added painted Mason jars to show off my team spirit for my all-time favorite team – Go Bears!

Go Team and Happy Thrifting!

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