Thrifty Thursday #18: Rummaging and Diving

The weekend of August 22 and 23 I kept my thrifting streak alive by attending a church rummage sale with Sister #1. We had no idea what we would find there and we arrived around 1:45pm when all of the items were half off. We started looking around and I was grabbing some items here and there that I knew I could justify for half off. But then, 2:00 hit. FILL A BAG FOR $5! EVERYTHING MUST GO! Sister #1 and I started getting incredibly grabby and before we knew it, we had filled TWO bags full to the brim and I had two other items that were too big for bags that I paid the half price for.

All together in the bags we had $56.75 worth of stuff for only $10 and I also got the checkerboard for $2.50 and the breadbox (which now sits in my kitchen) for $1.50. $14 spent overall and so many items. We took them back to Sister #1’s house and spread them out on her dining room table and couldn’t believe how much we had stuffed into those bags!


We divvyed up based on what ideas we had for the items or who had initially grabbed them. I ended up coming home with some barnwood frames, spools in various sizes and colors, holiday décor and some raw materials for crafts.


On Sunday afternoon I helped SAMS Stray Animal Midway Shelter (Check them out at set up kitties for an adoption event at Petsmart. This little girl named Sue climbed all over me and gave me a real run for my money while I was getting her into her cage. I love a little kitten with sass!


Later that evening I met Sisters #2 and #3 at Lucy Davis Thrift so we could set up our booth for fall. Lucy Davis Thrift was cleaning out their garage and had a bunch of items for FREE. We quickly took two boxes of wood as well as 3 solid wood pallets.


We were pretty pleased with our haul. Free raw material for crafts is always welcome! I especially love having the wood for crafting. It was a little difficult to fit it all in my car, but we managed. Now to someday clean out my garage which keeps amassing these things…I swear I’m not a hoarder!

Happy Thrifting!

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