Climbing The Ladder…Or Just Decorating With It

Old ladders are popping up everywhere in decorating lately. They are so versatile – you can hang them on the wall horizontally or vertically and use their rungs as shelves for display, you can put them in the bathroom to use as a towel rack, you can suspend them over a dining room table to create a dramatic statement…the possibilities are endless! That’s why when I scored my old ladder at Step Back in Time in Washington, IL for $12 back in June I knew I was going to be using it for myself. At that time, I had just begun looking at houses so I had no idea what capacity my ladder would be used in. It sat in my garage for months just waiting for that spark of inspiration.

Then I got my cute little house and suddenly the placement became very clear to me. It was actually the first “decorative” thing that I did in my house – I leaned it up against the wall in the corner. That corner has changed quite a bit since then and so has the display. I jumped around for quite some time trying to decide what I would hang on the rungs. One day I grabbed one of my potato sacks (you remember, the ones from Beyond the Potato Sack Race) and hung it on one of the rungs. I was really onto something. Then my mother gifted me a poultry feed sack. I hung that under it. Inspiration was born! At 3rd Sunday last weekend I found the perfect feed sack to complete my collection and here is the final display:


The red feed sack was a MAJOR splurge for me as I spent $20 on it. It’s hard to find those cheap around here because of how much people want to use them in décor but the splurge was worth it to me because a) I had never seen a feed sack in this amazing shade of red before and b) I had gotten the other two sacks for free so spending $20 on the feed sack was a little more justifiable.

My mom had mentioned something to me about layering the ladder on top of something to bump its height up since it was a smaller ladder. I found the bench the ladder is sitting on also at 3rd Sunday for just $6. I knew right away that it was the perfect size for that corner. Originally I was going to take a craft store crate and stain it with a gray stain to use to bump the ladder up but this bench is even better. I will still stain the crate at some point and share the results with you later!

You might recognize the blue berry bucket sitting in front of the ladder from Thrifty Thursday: Is That A Chair In That Dumpster?, scored for $10. The graniteware is very in right now. The crock was a $3 find at a garage sale in Peoria (the rest of my finds from my successful garage sale-ing weekend will be shared in next week’s Thrifty Thursday!).

All in all, I spent $45 to create this display and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out! Being able to repurpose and reuse things while bringing cozy rustic style to my home is pretty much my purpose in life!

Do you use ladders for decorating in your home? How do you incorporate them into your decorating scheme?

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