Thrifty Thursday #22: Why Wallow When You Can Thrift?

On September 17 I was supposed to have a date, but I got stood up. Rather than sit around and wallow about what might have been, I decided to go to the Goodwill in Washington, one that is off my beaten path a little bit, and see how my luck would be.


I’d say I did pretty well – sorry that these are still cell phone pictures. Eventually I will get caught up and will only have good quality photos! So here I found some cute fall decorations that I had intended to put in the booth, but time got away from me so they will be put back for next year. The Cat stitchery that boasts “Dogs Have Owners Cats Have Staff” is true on so many levels and for some reason that pie plate just spoke to me…perhaps because it had a recipe for pumpkin pie on it. I think I’m going to have to find some way to display it in my kitchen.

My thrifting was supposed to continue on the 18th but I got rained out so on the 19th I was raring to go! My new town was having their town-wide garage sales so I got up early and hopped on my bike with my backpack ready to fill it up!

The bike was a good idea because I didn’t get stuck in the mass of cars but also a bad idea because I hadn’t ridden it all summer. I was so sore! Also, I kept buying items too big to fit in my backpack so I ended up having to make the rounds in my car to pick up the rest of my items. Then Sister 3 met me with my niece and nephew and we conquered some garage sales on foot. I got a lot of really cute Christmas décor at one particular garage sale and I’m not sure yet what’s for me and what’s for the booth. Everything was so reasonably priced though!



I went to the Morton Pumpkin Festival with my brother in the afternoon and while I am usually overwhelmed at the craft fair and wanting to buy everything in sight, I was a little disappointed this year, but I did find this sweet burlap bird that is going to make its way into one of my vignettes soon.

My Saturday night was supposed to be spent crafting with my sisters for our booth but we were a little ill prepared for the crafting so it was spent drinking wine, looking through Yankee Candle fundraiser catalogs and laughing. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. 🙂

Sunday morning Sister 3 and I hit 3rd Sunday Flea Market – a favorite of mine. Some of these finds you will recognize from my accent wall as this is where I tracked down that red feed sack and the bench that gives my ladder that extra boost.

The picture of the cat and dog cracks me up because it’s an orange cat cracking the whip on a brown dog which just feels like a depiction of my everyday life. And I love the rustic Santa basket. Definitely something for myself. I’m finding that I seem to be picking up more and more things with me in mind instead of the booth but that’s okay. I have so much inventory for the booth and I really want to get inspired to put some finishing touches on my own rooms.
All in all, a very successful weekend!

Happy Thrifting! 



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