Thrifty Thursday #20: A Little Thrifting to Beat the Heat

Labor Day weekend started off pretty steamy for me, weather wise. I pretty much melted in order to get these deals! I went to a garage sale in Bartonville after work on September 4 and immediately started picking up items. The ladies holding the garage sale said that I had great direction and asked where I sell my repurposed goods (I loved that they insinuated I was a crafter!). I had a great time chatting with them about my booth at Lucy Davis Thrift while picking up a couple of wooden frames, a beautiful bronze frame, a candlestick, a primitive game board, some fabric, random ornaments and craft supplies, and some “junk” pieces that I am collecting for my eventual junk creation.

The bronze frame ended up being the perfect frame for my Kuvasz picture that I got off Etsy.


I got this picture because my rescue dog Rusty, according to his doggy DNA test, is a Kuvasz-Labrador Retriever mix. This proved very interesting to me because it means that his ancestors were Hungarian guard dogs and my ancestors are Hungarian! It’s clear to me that he was meant to be my dog and he guards me every day while I take a shower (my most vulnerable time, I guess…)


I totally see the resemblance, don’t you?

The evening after the garage sale I went to a baseball game with my brother, sister 1 and my nephews. Sometimes it’s nice to just have an evening with family. We laughed and cheered and enjoyed a beautiful fireworks display when all was said and done.


The next morning I swung by and picked up Sister 1 to go check out some more garage sales. We went to 4 garage sales and each bought something at every one of them – a first for both of us!


I was so excited that the big basket was still there because I had seen it on Craigslist when trolling for garage sales and it was the main reason I wanted to check this particular one out. The crock was another great find for only $3.00 and, if you remember, I incorporated it into my ladder display that I shared with you last Friday (Climbing The Ladder). The house chalkboard has already made it’s way into the booth and the pizza pan for 25 cents is going to get a spray paint makeover so I can display magnets for sale in the booth! I also got the insulators for only 50 cents for both of them so I picked them up to add to the collection I’ve been amassing this summer. Can’t wait to show you what I have in mind for them!

Happy Thrifting!


Accent Walls – The Perfect Pop of Color

Being a homeowner instead of renter has opened up so many decorating opportunities for me. I have never been able to paint my rooms before and I can finally get away from white or beige everything and add a little color. I decided in my living room to be a little daring and make an accent wall. My neutral in my living room is “diverse beige” which is a nice shade of grey beige (greige). I chose “smoke blue” as my accent color because I love blue and the color was such an excellent contrast with both my wall colors and my couch color.

*PAINTING TIP* Sister 2 helped me with the painting and our trick for straight lines and no bleeding on the wall edges was to first paint over the tape with the diverse beige and then paint the blue wall. The first color that is on the tape is the color that bleeds so this ensures that the blue doesn’t bleed through to the greige walls. I think we did a pretty darn professional job.


In addition to the ladder display that I unveiled on Friday in Climbing the Ladder this accent wall contains a gorgeous buffet that I got at South Eden Antique Mall for $150. I love the piece because it’s not only a beautiful statement piece, but it also offers a lot of storage for me. I have DVDs, tools, receipts, etc. stored in there with still a couple of deep drawers to spare!

On top of the buffet are all kinds of flea market finds. Starting on the right is a lamp that I found at the Hope Chest (The Thrifting Saga Continues) and cleaned up using brass cleaner. Not all of the tarnish would come off but I don’t mind that it’s a little roughed up. The size and shape are perfect. I got the lampshade for it at Wal-Mart. Next to it is a little Americana wagon that I got at South Eden Flea Market. I’m in love with this little wagon. I am doing a subtle Americana theme in my living room so I love the charm that it adds. I filled it with spools because I am always picking them up at flea markets.


The left side of the buffet showcases a birdcage that I also got at South Eden with a gold bird pot inside that I have had for years and a pothos that my mom just potted for me that she grew off a trimming from her plant. Sitting perched in front is a little pocket garden flower guide and an oil lamp that I got from my first visit to the Expo Gardens Flea Market sits next to it atop a piece of birch wood that I got for $2 at Jeffrey Alans.  

Above my buffet I have a mirror that I got at the Expo Gardens Flea Market in August. Next to it is a horse print I bought online framed in a barnwood frame from Hobby Lobby. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with horses and I thought this white horse print was just beautiful. Above it is a weathervane that I got for $5 at 3rd Sunday Market


I am so incredibly happy with how this wall turned out. I think it sets the tone for my “collected over time” flea market style in the living room and the spool table that I finished a couple weeks ago (coffee table) helps to echo the blue wall in just the right way. I still have some paint left over from the wall and a couple of other living room projects that I am going to do with it so stay tuned!

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Climbing The Ladder…Or Just Decorating With It

Old ladders are popping up everywhere in decorating lately. They are so versatile – you can hang them on the wall horizontally or vertically and use their rungs as shelves for display, you can put them in the bathroom to use as a towel rack, you can suspend them over a dining room table to create a dramatic statement…the possibilities are endless! That’s why when I scored my old ladder at Step Back in Time in Washington, IL for $12 back in June I knew I was going to be using it for myself. At that time, I had just begun looking at houses so I had no idea what capacity my ladder would be used in. It sat in my garage for months just waiting for that spark of inspiration.

Then I got my cute little house and suddenly the placement became very clear to me. It was actually the first “decorative” thing that I did in my house – I leaned it up against the wall in the corner. That corner has changed quite a bit since then and so has the display. I jumped around for quite some time trying to decide what I would hang on the rungs. One day I grabbed one of my potato sacks (you remember, the ones from Beyond the Potato Sack Race) and hung it on one of the rungs. I was really onto something. Then my mother gifted me a poultry feed sack. I hung that under it. Inspiration was born! At 3rd Sunday last weekend I found the perfect feed sack to complete my collection and here is the final display:


The red feed sack was a MAJOR splurge for me as I spent $20 on it. It’s hard to find those cheap around here because of how much people want to use them in décor but the splurge was worth it to me because a) I had never seen a feed sack in this amazing shade of red before and b) I had gotten the other two sacks for free so spending $20 on the feed sack was a little more justifiable.

My mom had mentioned something to me about layering the ladder on top of something to bump its height up since it was a smaller ladder. I found the bench the ladder is sitting on also at 3rd Sunday for just $6. I knew right away that it was the perfect size for that corner. Originally I was going to take a craft store crate and stain it with a gray stain to use to bump the ladder up but this bench is even better. I will still stain the crate at some point and share the results with you later!

You might recognize the blue berry bucket sitting in front of the ladder from Thrifty Thursday: Is That A Chair In That Dumpster?, scored for $10. The graniteware is very in right now. The crock was a $3 find at a garage sale in Peoria (the rest of my finds from my successful garage sale-ing weekend will be shared in next week’s Thrifty Thursday!).

All in all, I spent $45 to create this display and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out! Being able to repurpose and reuse things while bringing cozy rustic style to my home is pretty much my purpose in life!

Do you use ladders for decorating in your home? How do you incorporate them into your decorating scheme?

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Thrifty Thursday #19: Always a Bridesmaid

I apologize to all of my new followers and regular readers for my silence this week – I took a few days off work and I have been busy busy busy working around my new house. Just check out the progress I made on my garage the other day!

I now have uncovered all of this wood:

AND I have lined up all of my project furniture!


I also have some workspace to work on said furniture so I hope to have some pretty awesome DIYs for all of you very soon

But today, it’s Thursday, so let’s get Thrifty! I’m up to the weekend of August 29 in my thrifting saga (starting to catch up a bit…) That Saturday I was in my good friend Amanda’s wedding and if you want to get thrifty just check out my dress:


Perpetually single girl at yet another wedding… 😛

This dress is HOMEMADE. It is from a Simplicity Pattern and I bought the fabric online at (I mentioned this website in Behind the Curtains as a great resource for hard to find fabrics). The laid back bride told each of us to do shades of blush pink and to have the dresses be long. Pattern and fabric all together this dress cost me less than $40! DIY is just the best. I did however splurge to have my hair and makeup done professionally because those are not my forte. The aftermath was a little hair-raising…

The day after the wedding I went to the Expo Gardens Flea Market, a favorite of mine, with my mom and Sister 2. I always have some unique finds at this Flea Market and this day was no exception. I failed at getting a group shot of my treasures and they have long since disappeared in to the abyss (aka my basement) but I did get pictures of my 2 favorite items.

The black and white picture is my favorite find of the day. What a sweet depiction of a dog and a bird, two of my favorite things. My mom found some blue mat boards so I am going to frame this picture and find another similar print to hang in my living room as a set. The barnwood cat was also a cute find and I am thinking about starting an animal themed gallery wall in my hallway so I think this will add some cute texture to my displays. Either that or I will put it up in Mordecai’s bedroom. I switched out the ribbon that came around its neck for a piece of blue homespun. 

The rest of my weekend was spent in the best way possible – snuggling with two adorable dogs! I dog sat for some friends whose little girl looked like a mini version of my tank Rusty! I loved watching these fluff tails run around the yard and even moreso loved when they both snuggled in with me for naptime.  

Happy Thrifting!

Thrifty Thursday #18: Rummaging and Diving

The weekend of August 22 and 23 I kept my thrifting streak alive by attending a church rummage sale with Sister #1. We had no idea what we would find there and we arrived around 1:45pm when all of the items were half off. We started looking around and I was grabbing some items here and there that I knew I could justify for half off. But then, 2:00 hit. FILL A BAG FOR $5! EVERYTHING MUST GO! Sister #1 and I started getting incredibly grabby and before we knew it, we had filled TWO bags full to the brim and I had two other items that were too big for bags that I paid the half price for.

All together in the bags we had $56.75 worth of stuff for only $10 and I also got the checkerboard for $2.50 and the breadbox (which now sits in my kitchen) for $1.50. $14 spent overall and so many items. We took them back to Sister #1’s house and spread them out on her dining room table and couldn’t believe how much we had stuffed into those bags!


We divvyed up based on what ideas we had for the items or who had initially grabbed them. I ended up coming home with some barnwood frames, spools in various sizes and colors, holiday décor and some raw materials for crafts.


On Sunday afternoon I helped SAMS Stray Animal Midway Shelter (Check them out at set up kitties for an adoption event at Petsmart. This little girl named Sue climbed all over me and gave me a real run for my money while I was getting her into her cage. I love a little kitten with sass!


Later that evening I met Sisters #2 and #3 at Lucy Davis Thrift so we could set up our booth for fall. Lucy Davis Thrift was cleaning out their garage and had a bunch of items for FREE. We quickly took two boxes of wood as well as 3 solid wood pallets.


We were pretty pleased with our haul. Free raw material for crafts is always welcome! I especially love having the wood for crafting. It was a little difficult to fit it all in my car, but we managed. Now to someday clean out my garage which keeps amassing these things…I swear I’m not a hoarder!

Happy Thrifting!

These Booties Were Made For Walking

Do you ever just find the perfect pair of shoes and want to tell the world? Well, I have found them!

I went to Clothes Mentor, a consignment shop, on Friday because I am determined to revamp my work wardrobe so that I feel a little more professional and put together every day (a tough feat for a girl who is a hot mess…) I found a couple of really cute blouses, a sweater and then laid eyes on these beauties:

I tried them on and, I kid you not, my feet did a happy dance. I’m not big on heels because they are generally uncomfortable but these wedges had great support and didn’t make me feel like I was in heels at all. I was wearing jeans while trying them on which they looked really cute with and then I have already gotten wear out is them at a wedding I attended Saturday night. 


Mirror selfie! Ignore my messy room and the random dog gate…


Love these beautiful ladies!

I also wore my booties for work yesterday for a 9 hour day and they didn’t cause me any discomfort at all! Sadly I didn’t take a picture of my work outfit…I should have. I was rocking it in my black pencil skirt, grey crewneck sweater (also purchased at Clothes Mentor on Friday) and turquoise statement necklace. 

The real kicker on these shoes? (See what I did there? Gotta love a good pun…) They only cost me $14 and they retail for $69! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reclaimed fashion! 


Reclaimed Redneck Coffee Table

Remember these?
My very first Thrifty Thursday finds from a curb in Pekin, IL. They have sat in 2 different garages now just waiting for the mud and dirt to be cleaned from them so that they can become adorable reclaimed tables.

And here is the finished product! 


The blue one ended up being the absolute perfect size to serve as my coffee table and I think it looks really fun! Though I can’t help but remember when I used to listen to Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be A Redneck If…” and he used to describe having a spool in the den as a coffee table. I’m okay with being a little bit redneck though.

Let me tell you how I cleaned this spool up. It was caked with mud and dirt from years of sitting in some guy’s shed so first I took a dry bristle brush to it to knock off as much of the dirt and cobwebs as possible. I didn’t want to hose it off first only to have a big muddy mess. After I knocked as much dirt as possible off THEN I turned the hose on. Sister 3 helped me with this since she was claiming the white spool for her front porch. She aimed a strong jet at the caked on sections on the spools and knocked them all off, and cleaned my driveway while she was at it!

Since her spool was just going on her porch and was going to be an outside spool, she loaded it up as is and is now displaying hers. Since mine was going indoors I still had a little work to do. I took some disinfecting wipes and carefully scrubbed each panel of wood on top bottom and sides in order to remove as much of the built up grime as possible. It ended up looking so great that I didn’t even need to paint it (I was originally going to be painting it blue). After getting it as clean as possible I coated it with polyurethane to protect it from potential spills. I used a matte finish because I didn’t want my rustic reclaimed table looking too shiny.
All that is left now is to stage it with some decor. I shopped my house and this is what I found…

So life-like isn’t he? He adds both height and texture to my display. Too bad he doesn’t stay put…


I guess I will have to keep looking for other items… I’ve already got a basket to corral my remotes. I feel like it needs something else though.

What do you think of my new coffee table? Any suggestions for types of items to put on it?

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