Warming Up The Walls

So my week last week went by in a flurry of –

  1. Shelter events

Angel at the J Crew opening at Grand Prairie – she is up for adoption at SAMS rescue!


Go Cubbies!

and 3. WEDDINGS!

I may or may not have been live streaming Saturdays Cubs-Cards game while at the reception…

Before I knew it a week had passed and I had not only NOT gotten anything done in my house, but also didn’t post for Thrifty Thursday (even though I had it written and ready to go) or any other post for that matter! Time is a funny thing. Lately there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it.

But I did start to remedy all of that this past weekend. I had a 3 day weekend so I was determined to get some things accomplished – mainly getting some of my house cleaned up and spending time with my favorite dog in the whole wide world.

Mission Accomplished! He makes my heart happy.

Mission Accomplished! He makes my heart happy.

I also started to get some things on the walls in my living room. I am bound and determined to cozy up my living spaces. Especially before all of those cold fall days set in. I went over to my parent’s house Sunday morning (around breakfast time…by design, as I knew my mom would have baked something. I was not disappointed by her blueberry coffeecake!) and my mom helped me cut down and frame some really sweet prints that I had picked up in various second hand ways.

This sweet pup I picked up at the Expo Gardens flea market:

10-13 puppy and bird print
I decided I wanted another black and white print to complement it so I scoured Etsy for days until I found this Black and White ad with these adorable pups on it. I have loved Scottie Dogs ever since watching Lady and the Tramp as a child.

10-13 scotty dog
I recently fixed up my big picture window with bamboo shades and white curtains that I got at Goodwill for $5! I love how the window treatment looks for the window. It offers me privacy since I live on one of the busier streets in my town but doesn’t obscure the fact that I have a large beautiful window (that is always covered in dog slobber…)

Sorry this isn't a great picture, what with the dog bed and dog toys...It's real life though!

Sorry this isn’t a great picture, what with the dog bed and dog toys and fact that I took it with my cell phone…It’s real life though!

The dog pictures found their way right next to the window. My mom happened to have the mat boards sitting around her house and I had picked up the frames for $0.99 each at Goodwill. The blue in the mat boards reflects my blue accent wall really well. I love how they look stacked on the wall next to my big window.

10-13 dog prints

While at my mom’s house we also went through some of her wall quilts to see if we found one that would go in my living room. We found this one and I stuck it up there with command tape to see if I liked how it looked or if I wanted to try to find something else. I’m giving it a test drive for a couple of days. What do you all think? Is it the right thing for above that sofa or should I keep looking?

Opinions welcome! This room is still a work in progress. :)

Opinions welcome! This room is still a work in progress. 🙂

I’m excited to hear your input!

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Thrifty Thursday: No Pain No Gain

This past weekend 2 of my sisters and I journeyed to the 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington, IL. I had my list in hand of items I knew I wanted to look for and I was excited to get to spend yet another day at flea markets, looking at beautiful items and imagining them in my home or imagining other uses for them. If I can someday make this my full time job, I would be blissfully happy.

I had some great successes at the market, bringing home a couple more tins for my collection, a pair of stools to reupholster for my craft room, an awesome new weather vane for display, a wooden silverware divider which is now being used to keep my paints picked up while still looking beautiful, a wooden crate which was a steal at $5 and a bird book which is one of a set of 4 that I am seeking out for my collection.

antique stools june 3rd sunday collage

One of my favorite finds of the day was a dog hook that looked exactly like my baby Rusty! Just look at them:

Rusty hook

But, as the title of this post suggests, there are no gains without a little pain. While perusing one of the outside buildings I was nailed in the side of the head by a table that a woman was irresponsibly carrying with the legs facing out. Her reaction being “oh I knew I was going to do that.” Oh did you? Then why did you carry it that way?!? My sister said I was too nice because all I told the lady was to go away when she wouldn’t stop asking me if I was okay. It did hurt and if I’m being perfectly honest I ended up with a headache for the rest of the day but I wouldn’t have felt any better if I had been nasty to the woman. I’m using this as a reminder to everybody out there to please be aware of your surroundings when in big crowds at flea markets. It’s so great to find a good deal on a piece of furniture, but make sure you are able to securely carry it through a crowd and if you can’t manage it yourself, please get help! I never even saw this lady coming and was not given the opportunity to get out of the way. Don’t risk hurting somebody else by being neglectful.

The other little bit of pain that I experienced was self-inflicted. Sister 2 got a really cool dresser for her sewing room that we had to drive in to the market to get. We finally got it loaded up and it fit in the back perfectly with all of the other items we had purchased when I saw the pair of stools and jumped out of the car to go get a closer look. They were exactly what I had in mind for my craft room and I got the pair for $20 (marked at $25). The guy at the booth was going to help us strap them to the top of my sister’s SUV but she wasn’t keen on that idea so this is what ended up happening:


Since they were my stools I didn’t mind in the least but by the end of the 45 minute car ride I really needed to stretch…and tinkle.

I’m so excited about these stools though. They were my favorite find. I can’t wait to recover them and show you all how I did it! (I really need to get on some of these projects…plenty of ideas and materials, not enough time!)

Happy Thrifting!

Our First Year

Rescuing animals is something I am very passionate about. I regularly volunteer for a shelter and exactly one year ago today, I adopted my rescue dog Rusty! Rusty was 4 days from being euthanized at the county animal control. Now he is my best friend, hero, running partner, confidant and has filled every single one of the past 365 days with love and laughter. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog for me. 

Happy 1 Year Adoptiversary Rusty! Momma loves you!


Thrifty Thursday: A Tale of Two Tables, Two Chairs, and Two Busy Days

Welcome to another edition of Thrifty Thursday! This past weekend was a jam-packed one for me, but very successful. Let me detail it for you in pictures (what good blogger doesn’t chronicle their life in pictures?)


First, I got up at the crack of dawn and ran a 4 mile race with my brother. We both won our age groups. 🙂 Not without bloodshed, however, as my thighs chafed horribly. #runnergirlproblems

I walked the whole rest of the day like there was something shoved up my…well, you get the picture.

jamboree run jamboree run2

I quickly returned home after the race and showered because there was more business to be done! My neighborhood was having it’s garage sales so I was really excited about the opportunity to do some business close to home, and also curious about what kinds of things my neighbors had. I didn’t even make it one street away before I had to run home with my first haul.

solid wood end table wood end table

Two beautiful and solid wood tables! The first one you might recognize from yesterday’s post as it has made it’s way into the 4 Sisters Peoria booth. I don’t have definite plans for the second one yet, I just know that for $5 I love it!

A few more streets away MORE good luck.

garage sale chairs
wooden stool
mason jars 2

Two chairs in perfect condition for $5 each (I’ve found the exact same cane bottom chair marked at $22-$25 in booths), a little wooden steppy stool and some mason jars, complete with lids. The mason jars weren’t marked when I went up to this garage sale so I asked the older gentleman who was sitting in his garage what he was asking for them. He said he was asking $5 each but that they had been sitting there for 3 days so he would give me all 3 for $10. Done deal. Haven’t done my research on these yet, but I know the ones with the lids like this are old. I got a good deal here.

After garage sale-ing I had to run by work where there was a youth event. We had a petting zoo and I got to pet a goat named Pickles. Then I went to pick up my mom and we took a trip to the Square in Washington to hit a couple of their shops. I found some really unique items, mostly just for me including this really cool R cut from a book that happens to coordinate perfectly with the decoupage frame I just made for the cross-stitch pattern I completed out of Country Living magazine.

Cross-stitch display

After I got home from Washington I napped for a few hours and then joined my sisters for a “tagging party” for our booth.

Sunday was another busy day as I got up early to work a shelter event for SAMS Rescue. While I was sitting eating my breakfast and drinking my tea, storms rolled in scaring my poor baby Mordecai, who refused to leave my lap.


They finally subsided and I went to the adoption event where I spent some time with a corgi mix named Ginger Ale (still up for adoption at SAMS Stray Animal Midway Shelter!)

ginger ale

After the event I went to a flea market with Sister 3. We didn’t have much luck but I did find this very apropo sign for my house for $1.


My sister and I then got stuck in the second round of storms and were asked by management to sit in the Gordman’s break room while the worst of it blew over. Oh the adventures we have! I got home before round 3 of storms hit the area.

So there you have it. A thrifty and busy weekend. I’m so excited for some of my furniture finds and can’t wait to incorporate them into my own décor – or the 4 Sisters Peoria booth!