Warming Up The Walls

So my week last week went by in a flurry of –

  1. Shelter events

Angel at the J Crew opening at Grand Prairie – she is up for adoption at SAMS rescue!


Go Cubbies!

and 3. WEDDINGS!

I may or may not have been live streaming Saturdays Cubs-Cards game while at the reception…

Before I knew it a week had passed and I had not only NOT gotten anything done in my house, but also didn’t post for Thrifty Thursday (even though I had it written and ready to go) or any other post for that matter! Time is a funny thing. Lately there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it.

But I did start to remedy all of that this past weekend. I had a 3 day weekend so I was determined to get some things accomplished – mainly getting some of my house cleaned up and spending time with my favorite dog in the whole wide world.

Mission Accomplished! He makes my heart happy.

Mission Accomplished! He makes my heart happy.

I also started to get some things on the walls in my living room. I am bound and determined to cozy up my living spaces. Especially before all of those cold fall days set in. I went over to my parent’s house Sunday morning (around breakfast time…by design, as I knew my mom would have baked something. I was not disappointed by her blueberry coffeecake!) and my mom helped me cut down and frame some really sweet prints that I had picked up in various second hand ways.

This sweet pup I picked up at the Expo Gardens flea market:

10-13 puppy and bird print
I decided I wanted another black and white print to complement it so I scoured Etsy for days until I found this Black and White ad with these adorable pups on it. I have loved Scottie Dogs ever since watching Lady and the Tramp as a child.

10-13 scotty dog
I recently fixed up my big picture window with bamboo shades and white curtains that I got at Goodwill for $5! I love how the window treatment looks for the window. It offers me privacy since I live on one of the busier streets in my town but doesn’t obscure the fact that I have a large beautiful window (that is always covered in dog slobber…)

Sorry this isn't a great picture, what with the dog bed and dog toys...It's real life though!

Sorry this isn’t a great picture, what with the dog bed and dog toys and fact that I took it with my cell phone…It’s real life though!

The dog pictures found their way right next to the window. My mom happened to have the mat boards sitting around her house and I had picked up the frames for $0.99 each at Goodwill. The blue in the mat boards reflects my blue accent wall really well. I love how they look stacked on the wall next to my big window.

10-13 dog prints

While at my mom’s house we also went through some of her wall quilts to see if we found one that would go in my living room. We found this one and I stuck it up there with command tape to see if I liked how it looked or if I wanted to try to find something else. I’m giving it a test drive for a couple of days. What do you all think? Is it the right thing for above that sofa or should I keep looking?

Opinions welcome! This room is still a work in progress. :)

Opinions welcome! This room is still a work in progress. 🙂

I’m excited to hear your input!

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Thrifty Thursday # 17: Thrifting On A Whim

It’s hard to believe that I STILL haven’t shown you guys all of my loot from August! One of these days I will get all caught up, I swear!

Monday August 17th I had to go to Menards and return a few things (bathroom floor mostly since, as you found out in my previous post: Behold My Glorious Throne-Room, my bathroom has ceramic tile and could not be redone…) and the Salvation Army Family Store is right near the Menards that I go to so I decided to pop in. This time I actually grabbed a cart since I’ve been having such fabulous luck lately. And boy did I fill that cart! (Huge apology to the guy behind me in line who had one DVD to purchase –I was already getting rung up or I would have let you go ahead of me). 


I’m pretty sure that there are some things missing from this picture as well since I dilly-dallied on getting the pictures taken. I should really know by now that if I don’t take pictures as soon as I get home I will inevitably start pulling things out and start using them. Case in point, the copper pot that I’m using as a planter in my bathroom. (I named that plant Chester Copperpot…Goonies, anybody?)

Some of the items I purchased weren’t marked and so they were given to me for either $0.69 or $0.99 cents. All great deals, especially since I was buying such a large quantity. All total I spent $33.63.

This store was especially fruitful for paintable wooden things. I found a little wreath to redo for Christmas and some cutting boards and plaques. I also got a lot of frames and a couple of baskets which have already made their way into my booth at Lucy Davis Thrift.

The football basket was my favorite and to finish it off for the booth I added painted Mason jars to show off my team spirit for my all-time favorite team – Go Bears!

Go Team and Happy Thrifting!

Thrifty Thursday #16: The Church Mouse – A Quiet Little Secret

Concluding my thrifting marathon from the week of August 10 (I know, I’m still weeks behind!) was a trip to the Church Mouse on Friday August 14. The Church Mouse is a small thrift store in Peoria, IL. I haven’t gone there much but I am definitely going to be a regular patron from now on! I found so much great stuff and was complimented at the register for my “great eye”. The people working were also getting a kick out of what I told them I was going to do as far as repurposing some of the items.

Now I regret that there are some items missing from the picture as I have already started using a fantastic $1.00 basket on my island as my catch all for keys, etc. and I have started to repaint a cutting board I got there as well so it is missing from my group shot.

The most I spent on an item was $5.00 for the solid wood step stool. I was looking for one so I was willing to spend that much for myself (and honestly, for something of this quality, $5.00 was a steal!) Other than that and another couple of $2.00 lamps, everything else I had was a dollar or less. Most of it was $0.25-$0.50!

The gentleman who worked at the Church Mouse (and so kindly helped me haul my two boxes full of stuff to my car) asked me what the silver cage looking thing is because he had been trying to figure it out and he thought that since I bought it that I would know what it was. I told him I didn’t know what it was but I knew what it was going to be! I plan to spray paint it and put a plant in it. I love looking for things that can be repurposed into interesting planters. He just laughed at me.

I was really excited about the tins that I found – more excellent ones for my craft room in my colors! And a kitty one…just because it looks like Mordecai! Not sure if I’m going to use this or if I’m going to make up a silent auction basket for a shelter event using it and some other cat related items. For 25 cents, it doesn’t really matter!

I found a couple more wood plates/trays. I’m amassing quite the collection of those as well. And a sweet little basket with Christmas trees on it. This one I’m on the fence about whether or not to put in the booth for the holidays or keep for myself. Depends on how the decorating comes along! And of course, I couldn’t pass up more wood frames!

I find that the small thrift shops are the real gold mines. Everybody frequents Goodwill but the little ones don’t get as much traffic so it’s more likely that you will find incredible forgotten items just waiting for you to give new life!

Happy Thrifting!

Behold My Glorious Throne-Room

Finally! I have another room that I can consider DONE. Last night I was on a roll so I finished up the last lingering little projects for my bathroom and now I have another big reveal for you.

Here is the bathroom before –


The bright blue color did not look right with the floors at all and that mirror cabinet was gross. 

Unfortunately that is still sitting in my garage until I can unearth it to put it out for the garbage collection. It had so much build up in it that even I couldn’t save it.
Here is my bathroom after –

It didn’t come together quite how I thought it would but I’m really pleased with it. Originally I was going to replace the floors but then we realized that it was ceramic tile so I was going to have to live with it. Luckily the color I had painted it (the same requisite gray from my bedroom) actually complemented the floors quite well and the shower curtain I picked had a similar style so I was able to make it work.


This mirror I had over my sofa in my duplex and I was ecstatic that it fit in the space above the sink in this bathroom. It works perfectly with the shower curtain and since the floor has some dark bluish gray tiles in the pattern, it actually works with the floor too. The light fixture I splurged on and got from Lowe’s. I admit, I can’t do EVERYTHING second hand. Sometimes a girl just wants a nice light in her bathroom and doesn’t want to spend weeks hunting at Restore for it. I love bronze finishes so this was perfect for me.


This shelf was another non-thrifted splurge from Target. My friend from grade school Staci had posted some pictures of her small house decorating on Facebook and when I saw this shelf, I knew it was the perfect solution for my small bathroom woes and quickly asked her where she got it. The only storage I have in the actual bathroom is a very small cabinet under my sink so this shelf, while nicely styled, offers me some great hidden storage options.

The top shelf is home to a succulent in a $0.99 copper pot that I got from Salvation Army (that post is yet to come this week…) and a bird picture that I got at Gordman’s because 1. It’s a bird and 2. It had ALL the colors of my bathroom including the terra cotta orange of my floors! Sometimes a picture is so perfect I just can’t pass it up. The pitcher is from a small flea market in Washington, IL that unfortunately they have stopped holding due to losing their space. It was marked at $2.50 but I got it for $1.00! It works in the floor colors and hidden inside are all of my bobby pins and hair ties! A perfect hiding place for those eye sores that all women with longer hair deal with in the bathroom.

The second shelf is my favorite. I got the burlap box at JoAnn Fabrics because it was the perfect size to hold my lady products and the burlap added a new texture to my display. It was missing something though so last night I painted on the number 6 as it is seen on many crocks. I chose 6 because I am child number 6 in my family so that has always been my number. I had to free hand this with the paint brush since I couldn’t draw on the burlap with anything else but I would recommend a nice stencil to anybody wanting to recreate this look on their box. You can make your own by printing the image of the 6 (or whatever number you choose!) onto a piece of cardstock and carefully cutting out around the number. The space where the number used to be can serve as your stencil. Just carefully tape it back together and lay it over your surface.

The “Please wait to be seated” sign is an example of my quirky humor. The idea of putting that in my bathroom made me giggle. I wanted the sign to look makeshift but in reality I drew the size of my wood piece onto a sketch pad and carefully made the letters so that I would fill the entire area. I then used a piece of tracing paper to go over what I had in my sketch pad and laid a piece of graphite paper down over my wood piece and traced over my tracing paper design with a stylus. That left the image clear as day on my piece of wood making it much less nerve-wracking for me to take my paint brush to it! The result is a cute and quirky little sign. And the 3 rolls of toilet paper…well, there isn’t room in my cabinet for any so I had to work them into the display. There is nothing worse than sitting on the toilet and discovering you have no toilet paper! This ensures that I am always covered.

So there you have it. A cute little bathroom that I was still able to bring my personality into. It is important to me that every room in my house show a bit of who I am and doesn’t look perfectly pulled out of a magazine. I collect things over time and have diverse tastes. I want that to show, even in the littlest of rooms.

The Thrifting Saga Continues + DIY Creepy Halloween Birdhouse

I’m still so far behind in showing all my great finds from my very thrifty week the week of August 10! We covered Monday the 10th at Mission Mart and Tuesday the 11th at Goodwill. Wednesday the 12th I went to the Hope Chest in Pekin, IL. I follow them on Facebook and saw a kitchen table for $19.99 that looked to be PERFECT for my space.

I was right!!


Before I was using a table I had gotten off Craigslist for my duplex to use as a game table/desk in my living room. It served its purpose of collecting clutter but I wasn’t really loving how it fit into my new kitchen – a little dark in color and a little awkward in size. This new table is perfect! I admit that part of its appeal is that it reminds me very much of my mom’s kitchen table. That really makes me feel at home in my kitchen to have a table that was a lot like the one that I grew up eating (or refusing to eat) at.

If you look closer at this picture of my new table, you will see it is covered in TREASURES! While at the Hope Chest I browsed around at their other items and once again had fantastic luck. I only spend $30 – table included for this haul!  

I found the lamp pictured for just $1.99 – I’m starting to really love picking up inexpensive lamps with great shapes. I can’t wait to fix them up for use either in my house or to sell in the booth. I found some more wood frames – all for $0.50 to $0.99 each. I don’t like to spend more than $1 on frames that I’m going to sand down and paint. I also found a little wooden game board, a birdhouse and two napkin holders – one chicken and one cow. The cow I’m going to keep for myself and repurpose as a way to hold file folders in my eventual craft room/office. The chicken I plan to revamp and sell in the booth.
I also finally found the perfect little bird for my haunted bird cage project and he was only $0.29!

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this birdhouse at JoAnn’s on the clearance rack for $3.47. I had the idea that I was going to use it for a Halloween craft.


I right away painted it black and then I started the hunt for the perfect bird to go inside. I was so excited to find that little owl and since his eyes were already a creepy orange and red, I painted around them and just turned the rest of him black.


I glued him to the bottom using clear tacky glue.

I couldn’t help but feel like he still needed something. I originally had wanted to make it look like there were spider webs on the cage and tried to do so by repurposing stuffing that Rusty has ripped out of various toys in the past year and 2 months I’ve had him, but I didn’t like how that looked. I looked through the rest of my craft stash and came across a piece of scrapbook paper that was black with webs on it. I cut out around the webs and decoupaged them onto the bird cage. I love how it turned out!


A delightfully creepy, yet still somehow cute Halloween decoration. I put him in the booth the other night when we unveiled all the hard work we’ve done on Fall crafts.


Recognize some of my signs? I’m so excited with how well the booth came together. Fall is my all-time favorite season and the recent nice weather we’ve been having, while bad for my blogging career as it’s keeping me mostly outside, has been really great for my overall mood and well-being. Let’s hope it’s here to stay!

Happy Thrifting AND Happy Crafting! 

Thrifty Thursday #15: Whirlwind of Thrift Stores

So you might notice from the title that I switched things up a bit. I am finding myself referencing back to Thrifty Thursday posts in some of my DIY step-by-steps and while I love coming up with creative titles, the hyperlinks get a little cumbersome. Therefore, I am going to start numbering the posts in addition to titling them so I can better show off what I do with some of those awesome finds! I can hardly believe that I’ve been doing this blog for 15 weeks!

This past week I hit up thrift stores like it’s my job (oh wait…). I’m making up for the fact that I’m going to an out of town wedding this weekend and won’t be going to any sales. This way I have enough posts for the next couple of weeks, and considering my massive haul, I am at no loss for content!

Saturday after work I did go to an antique show and sale with my mom. It was fun to look around at all of the antiques and see what they were priced for. Most things were WAY out of my price range but I consider it good research. I did make two purchases while I was there. The first was a mason jar (imagine that!) I had never seen one with “Mason” written in script on it. It was a unique addition to my collection whether it has any value or not so I parted with the $6 for it based purely on the fact that I have seen hundreds and hundreds of mason jars and never came up with this logo.

I also came across this picture that I think is going to look stunning either over my long sofa or my buffet in my living room. I paid $35 for it, but, once again, since I am buying just for me my price tolerance is quite different. This picture makes me happy. My dad is helping me to fix the back of it since it was so old and the cardboard was no longer holding the picture in like it was supposed to.

On Monday after work I had a little extra time so I decided I wanted to go to Mission Mart since I hadn’t been there in so long. Boy am I glad I did! I had such great luck at the first one that I traveled across town to go to the other one as well.


I got everything pictured here for $31! Yellow tags were 50% off so the majority of the frames pictured here only cost me $0.50 each and if they weren’t marked down they were only $0.99. I always pick up good wood frames like this to paint for my projects so finding so many – and some in interesting sizes – was a gold mine! I picked up 15 frames!

The 6 Courier & Ives prints I got for $0.39 each. The pictures were sweet and I might end up framing them and doing some sort of display in my house. One of them is a double so I plan to frame it and put it in the booth. These used to be pretty collectible where people would seek out specific prints and I feel in the right frame that these could make a sweet addition to any home décor.

The little ball mason jars were only $.25 each and will be perfect for some of the crafting ideas that I have in mind. Nestled in with those is an Atlas Strong Shoulder jar. The glass is bubbled which indicates to me that it is older. I don’t know much about Atlas jars yet having just acquired my first one on August 2nd but this little gem is definitely staying in my collection and not being crafted with.

I always pick up cross-stitch fabric when I find it cheap so when I found multiple bags for $.49 each that was a no brainer. It’s always a bonus when it’s colored because then I have options with certain stitching projects. I also found an illustrated copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (this is who I thought I was growing up…) for $0.99 so I had to have that for my library as well!

I found two Mason Jars already painted for winter for $0.99 each which is a quick and easy flip for the booth. The wood stick that says “VEG.” I’m not really sure what it was intended to be but it’s wood which therefore makes it paint-able. I’m going to turn it into some sort of garden or pumpkin patch sign.

The rooster frame stood out to me. He was 50% off making him $0.50 so I don’t know if I am going to leave him as is and add him to my own kitchen or paint him a different color and put him in the booth. I think he will look really neat with a small cross-stitch sampler in his frame. The strawberry tin was a bit of a splurge ($1.99) but I wanted it for my own house. I have a thing for tins (see Thrifty Thursday: A Morning on Moss Avenue and Thrifty Thursday: No Pain No Gain) and the colors and design on this one were just great. And finally I added a little wooden sled that I think I might decoupage an old fashioned Santa picture on for the booth, a wooden cutting board that I’m going to paint stripes on to make it look like a feed sack like I just saw in my most recent Country Living Magazine, a white wooden tray because I love wood trays, and a $2.99 lamp that just needs a painting refresh and might be the right size and scale for my buffet. And if not, well there’s always the booth!

So many items to score on a Monday! And that’s not even the half of my week. I can’t wait to reveal the rest of my great finds next week!

Happy Thrifting!


Thrifty Thursday: Back in the Game

I haven’t gotten to do any thrifting the past couple of weeks due to my big move into my new house so I was so excited to jump in the car with Sister 3 and head to some city-wide garage sales in a town about a half hour away as well as check out some of their local antique shops.

The first place we went to I found the perfect little rolling cabinet to serve as my new TV stand. Mine from my duplex didn’t fit the space and I needed something much smaller that would still hold my DVD player.

TV Stand

I plan to wall mount my flat screen TV so this cabinet fits my purposes perfectly and the deep drawer for storage is an added bonus. Since I live in a small house (around 950 square feet) I am always looking for furniture items that do double-duty. This cabinet was marked at $48 but I took it home for $30!

We went on to another thrift store that was having half off sales. I found two really great wooden frames and some Gone With the Wind Madame Alexander paper dolls. As a young girl I was obsessed with both Gone With the Wind and paper dolls and I just so happen to have this particular Madame Alexander doll in my collection. I ended up getting all 3 items for just $2 despite them originally being marked at $5 for the paper dolls and $1.50 each for the wood frames. Great deals! And I’ve already started designing a cross-stich picture for the inside of that adorable moonshine jug frame.

wood frame paper doll moonshine jug frame

My other great find of the day was this ½ Gallon Mason Jar lamp. It was only marked at $5 and it already had the adapter and everything. Adapters alone can cost up to $20 for the kit on Amazon so I was really excited to find this. Obviously the inside of it needs a little sprucing up, but a lamp this size for $5 was a steal!

mason jar lamp

But, my favorite find of the day was this:

pork chop sandwich

A grilled pork chop sandwich, chips and a drink for only $4 at a Church “Hog Roast”. This really hit the spot for both my sister and I. I am a sucker for a good grilled pork chop with some BBQ sauce on it! MMMMMMMMMMM.

Happy Thrifting!