Thrifty Thursday #23

It’s no secret that I love Mission Mart. I always feel like I find great deals when I go in and there is excellent variety. On September 21 I stopped in on my way to a free painting class at Michael’s to kill a little time.

Here’s what I found:  

I did great as far as Christmas items are concerned and got some really cute snowman decorations (one just needs a nose), trees and candle holders. I also found some wood plaques that will be great for crafting as well as a wood shelf that I feel I can give a makeover. I also found an Americana tin that I think will fit in with my living room décor. I love décor that can do double duty as storage!
In addition to the finds pictured above, I also found two GINORMOUS baskets!


Rusty, a 76 pound dog, can fit comfortably into the bigger basket and it only cost $5! It currently resides in my craft room where I plan to use it to store finished merchandise for the booth while I’m waiting to take it in for restock.
My free painting class was kind of a bust…I thought they were going to give real techniques on how to do certain things but instead we did a review of primary and secondary colors (which prompted me to sing the class a song from Blues Clues to help them remember…) and then we painted a landscape.

I do make pretty cool clouds though. While I enjoy painting very much in general, I found out that they do their paintings from patterns anyway so I’m just going to try to get my hand on some patterns and try my hand at painting on my own.

Happy Thrifting!



Thrifty Thursday #19: Always a Bridesmaid

I apologize to all of my new followers and regular readers for my silence this week – I took a few days off work and I have been busy busy busy working around my new house. Just check out the progress I made on my garage the other day!

I now have uncovered all of this wood:

AND I have lined up all of my project furniture!


I also have some workspace to work on said furniture so I hope to have some pretty awesome DIYs for all of you very soon

But today, it’s Thursday, so let’s get Thrifty! I’m up to the weekend of August 29 in my thrifting saga (starting to catch up a bit…) That Saturday I was in my good friend Amanda’s wedding and if you want to get thrifty just check out my dress:


Perpetually single girl at yet another wedding… 😛

This dress is HOMEMADE. It is from a Simplicity Pattern and I bought the fabric online at (I mentioned this website in Behind the Curtains as a great resource for hard to find fabrics). The laid back bride told each of us to do shades of blush pink and to have the dresses be long. Pattern and fabric all together this dress cost me less than $40! DIY is just the best. I did however splurge to have my hair and makeup done professionally because those are not my forte. The aftermath was a little hair-raising…

The day after the wedding I went to the Expo Gardens Flea Market, a favorite of mine, with my mom and Sister 2. I always have some unique finds at this Flea Market and this day was no exception. I failed at getting a group shot of my treasures and they have long since disappeared in to the abyss (aka my basement) but I did get pictures of my 2 favorite items.

The black and white picture is my favorite find of the day. What a sweet depiction of a dog and a bird, two of my favorite things. My mom found some blue mat boards so I am going to frame this picture and find another similar print to hang in my living room as a set. The barnwood cat was also a cute find and I am thinking about starting an animal themed gallery wall in my hallway so I think this will add some cute texture to my displays. Either that or I will put it up in Mordecai’s bedroom. I switched out the ribbon that came around its neck for a piece of blue homespun. 

The rest of my weekend was spent in the best way possible – snuggling with two adorable dogs! I dog sat for some friends whose little girl looked like a mini version of my tank Rusty! I loved watching these fluff tails run around the yard and even moreso loved when they both snuggled in with me for naptime.  

Happy Thrifting!

These Booties Were Made For Walking

Do you ever just find the perfect pair of shoes and want to tell the world? Well, I have found them!

I went to Clothes Mentor, a consignment shop, on Friday because I am determined to revamp my work wardrobe so that I feel a little more professional and put together every day (a tough feat for a girl who is a hot mess…) I found a couple of really cute blouses, a sweater and then laid eyes on these beauties:

I tried them on and, I kid you not, my feet did a happy dance. I’m not big on heels because they are generally uncomfortable but these wedges had great support and didn’t make me feel like I was in heels at all. I was wearing jeans while trying them on which they looked really cute with and then I have already gotten wear out is them at a wedding I attended Saturday night. 


Mirror selfie! Ignore my messy room and the random dog gate…


Love these beautiful ladies!

I also wore my booties for work yesterday for a 9 hour day and they didn’t cause me any discomfort at all! Sadly I didn’t take a picture of my work outfit…I should have. I was rocking it in my black pencil skirt, grey crewneck sweater (also purchased at Clothes Mentor on Friday) and turquoise statement necklace. 

The real kicker on these shoes? (See what I did there? Gotta love a good pun…) They only cost me $14 and they retail for $69! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reclaimed fashion! 


The Thrifting Saga Continues + DIY Creepy Halloween Birdhouse

I’m still so far behind in showing all my great finds from my very thrifty week the week of August 10! We covered Monday the 10th at Mission Mart and Tuesday the 11th at Goodwill. Wednesday the 12th I went to the Hope Chest in Pekin, IL. I follow them on Facebook and saw a kitchen table for $19.99 that looked to be PERFECT for my space.

I was right!!


Before I was using a table I had gotten off Craigslist for my duplex to use as a game table/desk in my living room. It served its purpose of collecting clutter but I wasn’t really loving how it fit into my new kitchen – a little dark in color and a little awkward in size. This new table is perfect! I admit that part of its appeal is that it reminds me very much of my mom’s kitchen table. That really makes me feel at home in my kitchen to have a table that was a lot like the one that I grew up eating (or refusing to eat) at.

If you look closer at this picture of my new table, you will see it is covered in TREASURES! While at the Hope Chest I browsed around at their other items and once again had fantastic luck. I only spend $30 – table included for this haul!  

I found the lamp pictured for just $1.99 – I’m starting to really love picking up inexpensive lamps with great shapes. I can’t wait to fix them up for use either in my house or to sell in the booth. I found some more wood frames – all for $0.50 to $0.99 each. I don’t like to spend more than $1 on frames that I’m going to sand down and paint. I also found a little wooden game board, a birdhouse and two napkin holders – one chicken and one cow. The cow I’m going to keep for myself and repurpose as a way to hold file folders in my eventual craft room/office. The chicken I plan to revamp and sell in the booth.
I also finally found the perfect little bird for my haunted bird cage project and he was only $0.29!

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this birdhouse at JoAnn’s on the clearance rack for $3.47. I had the idea that I was going to use it for a Halloween craft.


I right away painted it black and then I started the hunt for the perfect bird to go inside. I was so excited to find that little owl and since his eyes were already a creepy orange and red, I painted around them and just turned the rest of him black.


I glued him to the bottom using clear tacky glue.

I couldn’t help but feel like he still needed something. I originally had wanted to make it look like there were spider webs on the cage and tried to do so by repurposing stuffing that Rusty has ripped out of various toys in the past year and 2 months I’ve had him, but I didn’t like how that looked. I looked through the rest of my craft stash and came across a piece of scrapbook paper that was black with webs on it. I cut out around the webs and decoupaged them onto the bird cage. I love how it turned out!


A delightfully creepy, yet still somehow cute Halloween decoration. I put him in the booth the other night when we unveiled all the hard work we’ve done on Fall crafts.


Recognize some of my signs? I’m so excited with how well the booth came together. Fall is my all-time favorite season and the recent nice weather we’ve been having, while bad for my blogging career as it’s keeping me mostly outside, has been really great for my overall mood and well-being. Let’s hope it’s here to stay!

Happy Thrifting AND Happy Crafting! 

Thrifty Thursday: Wheeling & Dealing

So, I already shared with all of you my mom’s treasured find from this past weekend but I know you’re all wondering “Rebecca, what did YOU find at the South Eden Village Flea Market?” Well, let me tell you!

This flea market was small but it was a gold mine. Right off the bat my mom, sister 2 and I found some great frames at the first booth we stopped at. And the first words out of the mouth of the people running the booth was “we will make you deals!” Music to my ears! At that booth I also found a birdcage and a bird field guide (remember, I’m crazy for birds!), as well as a plant stand. My sister found a couple other things as well so we went up to deal together. It all would have come to $29 but they gave it all to us for $20.
The next booth I found an old cake tin that just needed to be cleaned up a bit for $2 and then I spotted some furniture that I really liked but we decided to walk around the rest of the mall before I bought any furniture. With some things I feel like if they are meant to be they will still be there after I have looked at everything else.

In the mall I found a couple of wooden trays to paint and fix up, some more doilies, a silverware organizer and some more wooden letter blocks (I have been collecting these lately). When I went back outside the nightstand, sitting chair and 2 wooden folding chairs I had been eyeing were all still there. I went up to the lady running the booth and asked if she was wanting to make some deals. She laughed and said absolutely and followed me to see what I was looking at. The 4 pieces of furniture would have come to $50 if I had bought them as marked. She offered them to me for $45 but I was feeling a little feisty so I threw $40 out there as my offer. She contemplated for a minute and then agreed. Another great deal!

And once again I packed the back of my sister’s SUV (this time I didn’t have to sit with anything in my lap though!)

I think my shirt is what gets me all the good deals!

Another successful morning thrifting with good company. I can already envision these items in my brand new house!

Happy Thrifting!

Thrifty Thursday: A Day Late But Never A Dollar Short

So, I completely realize it’s Friday but yesterday I had a different priority…Magic Mike XXL. Holy Abs, what a funny movie! Hot guys and humor. Perfect combination. Mmmm…Joe Manganiello….

Anyway…on with the thriftiness.

So this past weekend, I dragged my brother to an antiques show at the Marbold Farmstead in Greenview, IL which was about an hour drive. This was the 3rd Annual antique show they have had there with the goal of raising money to restore the old farmstead. The house itself was incredible! Winding staircases several stories high and solid structure.

marbold farmstead

Picture borrowed from – check it out!!

There were a lot of really incredible antiques at this show too. I held a painted box from 1793 (which was also $325) but just the idea that I touched something that old was kind of incredible. I did make a couple of purchases, though nothing too terrible old. I got a double-boiler pot (most likely from the 1930s-40s) that somebody had converted into a planter for $10!

double boiler pot

I also got a full sheet of stamps from 1981 that depict all of the state birds and state flowers that was already fully framed. Not necessarily worth any money but I talked the ladies at the booth down from $15 to $10. Considering that the stamps are $.20 each and there were 50 of them, that is $10 right there so essentially I got it framed for free. My quest is to have something that has to do with birds in each room of my house. Not sure which room this will go in yet, but I’m thinking bedroom.

bird stamps

I also got some old lace for a craft project I’m working on. Right now I am just in the gathering materials phase so I will reveal the step by step of the project in a later post.

In the afternoon I decided to check out an Antique Mall about 15-20 minutes from me with Sister 3 that I had heard about but never been to. I spent about $15 there and got these cute items:

collage from antique mall hanna city

Sunday morning I kept my thrifty weekend alive by going to an in-town Flea Market with my mom. She and I had a really great time and found some kind of off-the-wall things. I got this box of blocks after my mom showed me how neat the interlocking ones were (from the 1950s). It was marked at $10 but the old man gave it to me for $8!

box of blocks

My mom and I also found these insulators for $1 each. I see these at almost every flea market I go to but never really understood what they were so I always passed them by. My mom explained to me that they were used on top of electrical poles and now people can use them in windows as a sort of prism or can paint them, like the painted one that has been on her windowsill for many years. I bought two of them. I’m not positive what I am going to do with them yet, but I liked the story of them. She also told me that sometimes good ol country boys would use them for target practice. J


My last purchase was this little iron trivet for $2. These are used for hot pots so they don’t sit directly on the countertops in kitchens. I thought it would be a sweet addition to one of my kitchen vignettes…that is, if I don’t use it for its intended purpose! I am truly living by the “don’t have anything around that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” mantra so when I find things that can be both, I am always extra excited.


Had some thrifty successes this weekend, but what made this a successful weekend overall was not the purchases I made, but driving down country roads getting lost with my brother and listening to my mother tell stories about items at the flea market and then sitting down with her at her house to play with my blocks when we were finished. The items come with a history, but it is also the history we create with these antiques that make them special.

I know, a little sappy, but the most important things in life are not things.

Happy Thrifting!

Business Casual – REcycled

I’ve posted before about my love for recycled fashion (see Rewear, Refash, Relove) and sometimes I put together an outfit that I just love so much that I have to share it with the world!

Enter, my Monday work outfit:

yellow dress

This is my “I’m a model” pose

I am so in love with this yellow dress. Mostly because it has a really incredible bird print on it and I LOVE birds but also because it is classy, of an appropriate length, and completely summer work appropriate. I got this gem for only $6 at Clothes Mentor and paired it with a grey cardigan that I also got at Clothes Mentor for $4, my nude flats that I got last summer at DSW (they get a lot of mileage) and a pair of dangly silver earrings from Charming Charlie’s.

Don't I look important? :P

Don’t I look important? 😛

People never believe me when I say that the majority of my wardrobe is thrifted fashion. I love being able to constantly surprise people when they compliment me on an item by telling them that I got it second hand. Looking pulled together and fashionable doesn’t mean that I have to spend a fortune or buy into the throw away fashion of places like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. I seek out quality and classic pieces and am able to wow for under $10.

Happy Thrifting!