These Booties Were Made For Walking

Do you ever just find the perfect pair of shoes and want to tell the world? Well, I have found them!

I went to Clothes Mentor, a consignment shop, on Friday because I am determined to revamp my work wardrobe so that I feel a little more professional and put together every day (a tough feat for a girl who is a hot mess…) I found a couple of really cute blouses, a sweater and then laid eyes on these beauties:

I tried them on and, I kid you not, my feet did a happy dance. I’m not big on heels because they are generally uncomfortable but these wedges had great support and didn’t make me feel like I was in heels at all. I was wearing jeans while trying them on which they looked really cute with and then I have already gotten wear out is them at a wedding I attended Saturday night. 


Mirror selfie! Ignore my messy room and the random dog gate…


Love these beautiful ladies!

I also wore my booties for work yesterday for a 9 hour day and they didn’t cause me any discomfort at all! Sadly I didn’t take a picture of my work outfit…I should have. I was rocking it in my black pencil skirt, grey crewneck sweater (also purchased at Clothes Mentor on Friday) and turquoise statement necklace. 

The real kicker on these shoes? (See what I did there? Gotta love a good pun…) They only cost me $14 and they retail for $69! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reclaimed fashion! 



Business Casual – REcycled

I’ve posted before about my love for recycled fashion (see Rewear, Refash, Relove) and sometimes I put together an outfit that I just love so much that I have to share it with the world!

Enter, my Monday work outfit:

yellow dress

This is my “I’m a model” pose

I am so in love with this yellow dress. Mostly because it has a really incredible bird print on it and I LOVE birds but also because it is classy, of an appropriate length, and completely summer work appropriate. I got this gem for only $6 at Clothes Mentor and paired it with a grey cardigan that I also got at Clothes Mentor for $4, my nude flats that I got last summer at DSW (they get a lot of mileage) and a pair of dangly silver earrings from Charming Charlie’s.

Don't I look important? :P

Don’t I look important? 😛

People never believe me when I say that the majority of my wardrobe is thrifted fashion. I love being able to constantly surprise people when they compliment me on an item by telling them that I got it second hand. Looking pulled together and fashionable doesn’t mean that I have to spend a fortune or buy into the throw away fashion of places like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. I seek out quality and classic pieces and am able to wow for under $10.

Happy Thrifting!